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Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm CDT
delicious pumpkin gingerbread cake pops. chef rochelle taylor from sur la table in northbrook joins us now. >> there are two ways to make cake pops. you can either use the pans. futures small way is to make a cake and baking. crumble it up. bake it fully. you take frosting and mix it in until it gets to this consistency. you can mold it into any shape you want. the best way to get them round is to cup yourn hands. squeeze it together. they can come out still nice and round. you can also shep them. you can make a witches hat. i found that full size lollipop sticks are a little too long but you can break them right in half. this is the candy coating. stick the stick into the candy coating first. then dunk it right into the mixture. i will take a spatula and push them right over the top. tap it on the side and put them straight down like this. >>if you put them straight down >>got a little chocolate on my finger. too bad. >>lots of colors you can use. make them into different shapes and sizes. you can decorate them with candy you find in the store. >> and no one is that you used. q. did n
Oct 28, 2012 9:00pm CDT
populated east coast...ride out this storm..with fingers crossed.. northbrook based allstate insurance has a catastrophe team on the ground...ready to assess the damage sandy is bound to leave behind. >> we have 800 professionals ready for deployment. >> here is the latest from chicagos. chicagos. .. more than 100 flights canceled to the east coast. amtrak >> jim ramsey has in the weather center with more on this massive storm >> i have been looking for updated information... it is about 485 mi. south of new york city. it is expected to shift back to the northwest. this is such a massive storm is expected to impact from the mid-atlantic all the way up to the massachusetts coast. all this will take place over the next several days. it looks like it will make landfall late monday. there'll be flooding, beach erosion, power outages... in chicago a lake shore flood warning has been issued... we might even get a rain shower. look at all of the watches and warnings and the factin affect >> the superstorem is even affecting the first lady's travel plans to. shell obama is in chicago. she plans
Oct 9, 2012 9:00pm CDT
to parts of the midwest over the weekend. here are the wind gusts and it has been windy today. northbrook crystal lake and buffalo grove were not far behind. the highs today say to 50 at minneapolis in 41 at international falls. tomorrow is just cool. a nice warm day but we have had about a quarter inch of rain in some locations. 50 degrees at griffith whiff of the clouds gathering evidence on multiple cameras today. 93 percent humidity with frosted visor is up here in southern ohio and the central appalachians. here is a good look at where the rain is. if we give you the three- dimensional ankle you conceive of vertical build on these heavier showers producing clouds right now. showing how the rain by 1010 tonight will be still over us. the rain gauges around the area. we will get another one-third of an inch on top of what we have already had on this point. a beautiful day tomorrow, the second cool push coming in on friday. we have a seven day total over 1 in.. when we come back on the update we will give you a snapshot of the weekend storm as it's coming to us on our models now. cloud
Oct 22, 2012 12:00pm CDT
lived in northbrook shortly before moving to wisconsinthe search continues- for a woman from calumet city. 42-year-old gena has been missing since october 13th. police have charged live-in boyfriend clark with first degree murder. investigators say they found blood throughout the couple's home. outside the home, they found blood-stained woman's clothing broken furniture and a plastic shower curtain stained in blood. officials say clark discussed telling police where body was as long as he could get a deal. congressman jesse jackson junior is heading back to the mayo clinic. jackson has been on medical leave from his duties as representative of the second congressional district since june for treatment of bi-polar disorder. in a robocall this weekend jackson pleaded with his constituents to be patient. the reverend jesse jackson his father says his son needs more treatment to in his words regain his equilibrium. jackson has served in congress for 17-years and is running for re-election. he has not been campaigning however and faces a challenge from republican brian woodworth. it is
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4